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Nov 17, 1503 -- Nov 23, 1572. Italian Mannerist painter.

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79391 Portrait de Madame Alphonse Karr Henri Lehmann Portrait de Madame Alphonse Karr Portrait de Madame Alphonse Karr - Huile sur toile - 66 x 50,5 cm cjr
44042 St Catherine of Alexandria Henri Lehmann St Catherine of Alexandria 1839 Oil on canvas, 152 x 262 cm

Henri Lehmann
German Neoclassical Painter, 1814-1882,was a French historical and portrait painter, born in Kiel, Schleswig. He was a pupil of his father, Leo Lehmann, and of Ingres in Paris, where he opened a studio in 1847, after having become naturalized. His brother Rudolf Lehmann was a well-known portrait artist.
Agnolo Bronzino
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