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Nov 17, 1503 -- Nov 23, 1572. Italian Mannerist painter.

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19965 Virgin and Child with Saints a triptych (mk05) Simone Dei Crocefissi Virgin and Child with Saints a triptych (mk05) Wood,19 1/2 x 10 1/4''(50 x 26 cm).Received and Permanently deposited by the Fondation de France in 1973.K.L

Simone Dei Crocefissi
Fourteenth century Fourteenth century.Italian painter. He was the son of a Bolognese cobbler and was almost certainly the pupil of Jacopo di Scannabecchi di Dalmasio, who married his sister in 1350. Simone was already a master painter when first recorded in 1355, probably living opposite S Domenico, Bologna,
Agnolo Bronzino
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